Catalogue & Brochure Design

Catalogue & Brochure Design

Catalog cover design for the first effective communication

The design on the cover of your catalog should be creatively designed to attract attention from a distance between several other catalogs. A short and impressive slogan, and an attractive image along with your professional logo can make your catalog more attractive to the audience.

At Web Gamers we use to create curiosity for the audience in the design of the catalog cover

Internal pages of the catalog

In the design of interior pages, general order and organization should be used, but far from being monotonous and dull. This is done by breaking the structure locally in some pages and design points

Stunning images

Images themselves carry hundreds of words. We determine the ratio of images to text based on the type of business and your customers. Images of your services or products must be professional and effective.

At Parseh Web, we have an industrial photography, objective and decorative photography section. For more details, visit the services of Parseh Photography section.

Creativity with design techniques

Proper and intelligent use of fonts and sizing, empty space, neutral colors, color harmony and many other techniques are used to create a professional catalog on the web gamer.


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